Media Patronage



    TVPW is the Warsaw University’s of Technology web TV working since 2006. People in this community come from the different cities, they’re studing different subjects, they have different hobbies. But they have something in
common – passion. Many of the members get jobs in the biggest TV stations or portals in Poland.

     Astronomia24 is the very fast growing astronomical portal in Poland. In just eight years the community have become big and the portal has a good record.

The first academic radio station in Warsaw. Radio Kampus is not only the music and the news, but they also present you information that concern student’s lifestyle.

     Portal include congeneric knowledge for students and alumni, which are sorted into sectors. Portal had 2,74 mln of users in 2016, and 2,9 mln in 2017.

    MAGIEL is monthly magazine with informations about university, the news from students research group, and comments about current affairs from politics or economy. Besides that more than a half of pages are about culture, like movies, theatre, or music. That is great way for young journalists to get started writing reviews. is a gigantic compendium of knowledge about everything a student needs – from  the educational offer of universities and post-secondary and language schools, through job offers and flats to rent, information on cultural events, to life-style content and editorial comments.